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Lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and still cutting fat

Posted by Instagrate to WordPress Lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and still cutting fat!️I’m still eating awesome tasting all natural meals. Fight ready! I don’t usually post pictures of what I eat on my IG, but if you want I can do it to give you an idea on how to eat good food and […]

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CraNk’s Weight Loss Project! After our Sunday FEAST!

Before the 2010 Mundials I had a list of things I wanted to eat. I’ve been eating pretty clean earlier part of this year. (Had quite a few cheat meals. hahahah) But this past week I went CRAZY!!! Hawaiian BBQ, BURGERS, FRIES, Fast Food, Cake, EVERYTHING!! It was Glorious. Im back on it… just got […]

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