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JT “Spiderman” Torres Tournament BJJ Highlight Video

Ok ok ok… So you’ve heard of JT and just hear about how much of a BJJ Beast he is at the age of 21 but never seen footage! Below is a lil peak of what JT is capable of doing! TAKING BACKS AND CHOKING PEOPLE OUT! I think he is at 241 confirmed back […]

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JT “Spiderman” Torres 2010 No Gi Pan Ams Black Belt Lightweight Champion!

Right on JT! Congratulations to JT “Spiderman” Torres for ripping it up on the mats in New York City last weekend at the 2010 No Gi Pan American Championships! He hit his 240th Back Take in competition during his finals match, finishing his opponent via rear naked choke! Once he’s on your back, call it a […]

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