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Strength and Conditioning Tuesdays with D’Angelo & SNOW!

If you haven’t heard the weather has been lame here in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. SO MUCHHH SNOOWWW! I’ve been home since Friday and left the house three times only. Its been pretty hectic. A little under a week of staying home! HoLY Cowzerrzz! Anywhooo The snow stopped for about 2 days […]

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“Your Workout is our Warmup” says Coach D’Angelo!

“Your Workout is our Warmup!” Strength & Conditioning Coach D’Angelo always says that! AND I BELIEVE IT! Holy Moly our warmups are rough! Imagine how the actual workout feels. Its just real soothing knowing as I look across the cage/ring/mat at my opponent that I am ready to rock n roll! This is why I […]

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