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ONRA March 15th 2012 By: Roman DLC FOKAI!

Wise words from the Man himself Roman DLC! Exhaust.Proceed.Cultivate!   Hafa adai. First of all, the column has been a few weeks overdue and a sincere apology to the handful of you who spare a piece of your valuable time to share in the good intention that is rooted in between the lines of these […]

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A Different Kind of “Gera Time” by L.J. “The Fina Sisu MesTisu” Castro

FIGHT NIGHT FRIDAY! Rites of Passage 10 Bad Intentions   MARCH 11, 2011 LJ Castro Official Trench Warz/Rites of Passage Fight MC A DIFFERENT KIND OF “GERA TIME” March 11, will be the tenth time Trench Tech holds “Rites of Passage”. It also marks the fifth time that it will be held at the Saipan […]

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Trench Tech Saipan’s President, Cuki Alvarez Thoughts on CNMI Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Hafa Adai Guys. I’ve been training MMA for the past 6 years of my life, and im 21 years old! (Holy moly thats 1/4 of my life.) well anyway, so many people in the Marianas have put so much time, effort, blood, and tears into the sport of MMA back home and Worldwide… FOR YEARS! […]

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