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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Upper Body Circuit Training

my arms, shoulders, neck, and whole upper body is hurting so bad… Imma keep this blog brief! OK DONE! HAHAH Check out what we did for the workout…

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Full Blown Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sparring

The 60 Second Drill Once more! Check out the video! These Guys were BASHING! Good stuff… Check it out! Go Team!

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Team Lloyd Irvin 4:30PM Sparring! PUNCH HIS FACE! LOL

Hafa Adai Ladies and Gents! Today at 4:30 when everyone was getting ready to leave work or do what they need to do, the Team was in the combat room cage all warmed up ready to Rock n Roll! Today we did the “60” sec drill! You’re probably wondering… 60 sec drill? 60 Sec Drill […]

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