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Thank you Gentle Care Dental

Posted by Instagrate to WordPress Just got a new pro mouthpiece! Don’t want to go dofi! Thank you Gentlecare Dental!

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Team Lloyd Irvin’s NEW SPONSORSHIP w/ Recovery Doc

  Check Out The Video Below! AWESOME! Dr. Rosa and his Team are beyond Awesome! With how much I train and all the little tweaks and injuries involved, recovery is key! Recover Quick… Train HARDER! I don’t wanna kill you will all these technical and hugemongous scientific words explaining what exactly Dr. Rosa and his […]

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“There are many qualities and skills a fighter must possess in order to be Great.” “A Champion is Someone who gets up when He Can’t.” –Jack Dempsey “In Every Generation, Country & Race, Great Fighters are Born, and despite Fighting in many different styles, they posses at least some of these attributes. And Many More.” […]

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