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FOKAI: Roman DLC’s ONRA July 26th, 2012 Edition

  Hafa Adai, It seems that Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts  are everywhere these days… If were not watching it on the UFC or youtube, then the frequency of events here on Guam stays busy enough to keep those offline and off the grid entertained and hopefully, at some point, educated about the evolution of […]

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gROsS! Crank vs. Flying Moth Into Ear! WINNER: Crank!

Posted by Instagrate to WordPress This has to be the craziest thing that’s ever happened! As I was walking outside a freaken MOTH flew straight into my ear!!!! Instead of flying toward the light and OUT of my ear, it kept flying deeper and deeper into my head! (felt like it was near my throat!) […]

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Jon Tuck “Super Saiyan” vs. Harris Sarmiento PXC 33 Philippines!

DO WORK TUCK!!!! September 1, 2012 in the Philippines! PXC 33! Wreck Shop Brotha! Posted by Instagrate to WordPress

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