Meditation on Inevitable Death Should Be Performed Daily.


Crank CUT

Crank CUT

For the Title of this blog! It may help, it may not but just think about it. Dying is inevitable! It will come. Knowing that your time may come may do great things for you or bad. Its your choice!

Whatever your “Fight” is, “Fight” till the end!

“Real Strength, Power, and Heart can’t be given… It must be taken!”

I just finished watching the Enson Inoue Highlight, one of the very few videos I watch almost every night before bed. He is a Fighter! Never gives up! Till the end. I remember reading something about Enson and he said “Everytime I step in that ring/cage, there is always a chance of dying! So a broken arm or going to sleep is really nothing!” WOW! I mean, what do you say to that! I admire the way he thinks, his heart, and the way he fights. Till the death!

It stopped snowing and finally got two training sessions in today. We had our Strength & Conditioning with Coach D’Angelo and we had some good BJJ sparring at 6:30. I’ve been training here at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy for over 2 years and its always an honor to roll with Master Lloyd. Its amazing how much I learn in just 20 minutes of sparring. All the tilts, the angles, the….. EVERYTHING! Its an amazing thing.

Master Lloyd asked everyone what we wanted to do for BJJ training today. We all gave our answers, “We want to roll!” He responded, “SUBMISSION SUBMISSION SUBMISSION!” Now thats all I’m thinking! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art. It is used to stop another body! I need to program my mind so when I roll or compete, I must SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! Fight to WIN not Fight not to Lose! Go for the finish! I may be up 10 points and its 30 secs left. “SUBMISSION SUBMISSION SUBMISSION!” Do the Art!


It was an amazing day! This 6 days at home made me realize how valuable training time is.

We’re Rockin n Rollin! ADIOS…

Here is the Enson Inoue Highlight Vid!


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