Filmmaker Sarah Filush is BACK and in Full Effect w/ NEW FILM, Kids From Chuuk!

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Filmmaker Sarah Filush is BACK and in Full Effect w/ NEW FILM, Kids From Chuuk!

These past two weeks seeing Sarah back in action has been nothing short of inspiring! My girl, Sarah, is back to filmmaking with her newest short film, KIDS FROM CHUUK. It is inspired by the story of the musically talented sensations KFC (Kids From Chuuk)! I dont know music, but I know that when these kids perform, EVERYONE LISTENS and are awed by the musical talent and skills.

Let me tell you a little more about si SASA that you may not know. When this woman (now that shes a mom I call her a woman lol) has her sights locked on an idea, she gives it her absolute all. Sarah and her cousin Fres grinded out this film in literally 96 hours! Eating pizza and drinking coffee! lol At times its pretty intimidating to be honest lol. This former Miss Earth Guam is ALL ABOUT HER ISLAND! Anything and everything that could benefit the island community she is 100% and will fight for every inch to accomplish that. Her measurement of success has never been the amount of $$$ she makes or the amount of views on her youtube video or the number of congratulations she receives BUT if it makes a positive impact on her island community.  She is hands down, one super proud island girl that works extremely hard to make her island a better place. I am very fortunate to witness this up close and personal! Truthfully, its very very inspiring witnessing it first hand!

Beat The Beetle Directed By Sarah FilushWhen I say she gives it her absolute all, look at her FIRST EVER FILM, Beat The Beetle. For those of you that don’t know, Beat The Beetle, is a short film / mini documentary on the invasive rhino beetle sweeping through all the coconut trees on Guam. This pest is eating all our coconut trees and the outreach programs are almost non existent. Sarah took into her hands along side videographer Mike Marriott to shoot a short film/mini documentary on this invasive species and how to combat it! Mind you, Sarah has NO EXPERIENCE in film or video editing, nor does she know ANYTHING about Rhino Beetles. With her passion for the island and unparalleled worth ethic, this woman managed to direct and edit Beat The Beetle. The film was nominated the BEST FILM MADE IN THE MARIANAS, it was featured at the UOG Film Festival and Featured at the 2016 FestPAC! Again, I was very very fortunate to be around and witness such work ethic and passion Sarah has for her island!

kids-from-chuuk-museumNow, its mid November 2016, Sarah has come up with another short film called, KIDS FROM CHUUK, making history once again being featured at the Guam International Film Festival at the newly build Guam Museum! Her film has been going VIRAL all over the media. A select few had to privilege to see the short film on November 16th at the newly built Guam Museum, and the reaction of the crowd was PRICELESS! Everyone was cracking up and most importantly left the Guam Museum theatre with a very serious message! A message VERY IMPORTANT for our Island Community! (I would tell you, but its showing this Saturday at the Guam Museum. DONT MISS IT! 😉 ) The Kids From Chuuk have a very significant and unique story to tell, Sarah recognized that and brought it to life!

All in all. I am very fortunate to be around a stunning individual on a daily. Most of the time, we get caught up in the matrix of life and don’t sit back for a second and really be thankful for what really makes life positive and well lived for. After feeling the crowds reaction to another amazing piece of art Sarah had produced, it made me appreciate what / who matters in life.

To my road dog… To the amazing mother of my son… To a badass director! Congratulations and Si Yuus Maase my Love on an amazing film and for continuing to inspire our community. PARA I ONRA!

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