Mike Easton Signs With The UFC October 1st Verizon Center Washington DC

Mike Easton Beats Chase Bebe Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mike Easton Beats Chase Bebe Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Team Lloyd Irvin’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Black Belt and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion. [UWC Bantamweight (135lb) Champion] has just signed with the UFC scheduled to fight in his very own home city Washington DC @ the Verizon Center on October 1st. 2011!

When I first heard about it I was SUPER HAPPY! I was very very emotional. Minute after minute as it sunk in more tears came bursting out of my eyes. It was such a monumental moment for the Team and for Mike “The Hulk” Easton.

Why were you crying Crank?? Geez get yourself together bro! lol…

This is why!

When I first moved out to the Maryland Virginia DC area I stayed out with my sister and brother in law for a few months. My sister and nao were a 2 hour commute one way to the gym, so Mike Easton would always give me rides after night practice around 11pm and midnight. Before, during, and after every practice, we as would always talk about “yeah bro… one day Ill fight in the UFC and be a UFC Champion! One day man! We’re the best! We gotta stay the path… remind ourselves about our goals.. and REACH THEM!” and this is exactly why I got so emotional when he got signed. 2-3 times a day we would all dedicate our time and effort into reaching this goal of fighting in the UFC and one day being a UFC champion. 4 years of knowing him and he finally took the next big step to reaching his ultimate goal!

Every day!
Every Training Session!
Every broken nose and tweaked joints
He stayed the path! Believed in his coaches and Master Lloyd! And here he is…. He will be fighting Oct. 1st in his home city Washington DC at the Verizon Center!

Congratulations Brother Mike!! Camp Started! We’re gonna get this SH*T!


Check out the video below to see the announcement! 😉

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