The Secret Of Success As A Fighter. -Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort

UFC 133 Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama

UFC 133 Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro Akiyama

Here in Philadelphia PA for UFC 133!

I am super stoked for this card because Im going to see my favorite fighter of all time, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, fight live at the Wells Fargo Arena here in Philly.
I was saw his video blog and I had to post it up.
The Mindset of a “The Phenom”
You can feel he is at a different frequency as a fighter and competitor.

Below I typed out what he said… and I also typed out what his wife said.  Vitor seems to feed off good energy on and off the mats. Whether he is with his team training or his family relaxing.

Super stoked for UFC 133!

The secret of success is just… be faithful to the principles of success
I believe success is a journey of sacrifice…
Without sacrifice we cannot reach the glory
So I believe sacrifice is the key of success, it is the secret of success is sacrificing
Whatever it takes to succeed you must sacrifice.
You must be willing to do it
The inspiration I have lives inside of me
My inspiration is God, my family, to be around the people I love and that I care
And its just something that lives inside of me and I make sure I feed that everyday

Adversity its a ladder to bring you to a different level in life.
People look at adversity as a stop… as a mountain… as a stop
I look at adversity as a trampoline for what is next
Vitor has incredible talent…very few fighters have it.
He is well trained and has a good mindset
And with this great structure that hes found nobody can beat him…
And thats not only because he is my husband
He is very focused, very determined, and he knows very well what he wants.
He is what he is
He respects himself, he knows his limits as a fighter and as an athelete
He is an example for many fighters
All the people who preach one thing and when you see them personally its not that at all
Many people disrespect their opponents, i dont think thats cool
I see Vitor as a reference and an icon
An ambassador for MMA
Thats how I see him…

We are not just training for Akiyama..
We are training to be a better fighter every time.

We need the new generation to understand principles and morals..
Stand for it
Stand for your principles and morals
Dont be a false prophet
You preach you live it.. thats my message for you

This life is everything, this is everything I got, and its whats next
And whats next is Akiyama
And Im getting ready for him and the only way I can beat him is to make sure I do what I have to do
The daily training, and thats what Im going to do…

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