Jimmy “JAH” Harbison **NEW** BJJ Black Belt

JT Torres & Jimmy Harbison

JT Torres & Jimmy Harbison

Congratulations to my boy Jimmy JAH! He recently got promoted to the rank of BJJ Black Belt under Master Lloyd Irvin! Super stoked for him.

It was an honor and pleasure to train side by side and see Master Lloyd’s systems and process work. Believe in the system and stick to the process.
Congratulations brother! Im proud of you man… The new journey has begun.

They always say… White belt is when the seed is planted. Blue belt to brown belt, the seed is expanding as roots building a solid foundation for your tree. When you get your Black Belt, you see the sprout. The black belt journey begins from the sprout to the big tree with hundreds of branches.

Enjoy the art that makes you a better martial artist.. a better person. Enjoy the journey brother Jimmy!

Congrats again bro! OUUUSSS


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  1. Congratulations Jimmy. Oh the pain involved in achieving your Black Belt! “The Belt Ceremony” God speed and I look forward to meeting and training with you again…Soon. OUSS!