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Straight From The Brain MINDSET

Straight From The Brain MINDSET

Make it flow through your body
Burn in into your mind
Soak it in your spirit!

“you are the strongest there is
you gotta believe it
nobody in your class is stronger or tougher
or faster
and you have best technique when you stick to what you’re good at
and YOUR positions
you WILL win
they will realize early in match they don’t belong on same mats as the crank

you beat them physically, you beat them mentally, you beat them physiologically
because you recover better and you beat them spiritually because you believe –
there are a lot of dimensions there so you can take it to a level they can’t understand

every second
every moment

you believe in yourself and then you have your team believing in you

and your family
and your friends and fans
that’s like quintuple-time BELIEF

you already have the edge and from now until the tournament you can create your
own edge and build on it even more

until it’s an impenetrable fortress

every moment of every practice, every moment of doing the right things off the mat,
every moment of every match is another brick you use to build your LEGACY
some of the toughest guys there are training to be champions
but who are REALLY training to be LEGENDS?
THROTTLE UP and take it to a level that these cream puffs can’t understand

it’s you vs your opponent AND the referee
so you take things into your own hands and leave NO QUESTIONS”


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