What Does OUSS Mean?

What Does OUSS Mean?



I have been asked several times the meaning of “Ouss”, so for those who are still in the grey in regards to the word’s meaning I got the following definition from Urban Dictionary –

OUSS – Noun (OW-SSSSS): The rushing exhale of air from the lungs formed into a specific and semi-uniform word while exerting oneself. Similar to a Japanese Kiai. Ouss was made popular in a system of martial arts known as Kuntao Jiu-Jitsu.

It is also used when greeting or leaving a Superior in a KJJ dojo. It serves as a sign of respect and conveys one’s intentions to give all that they have (in effort and attention).

Further emphasis can also be given with an additional syllable. “Ouss-Ahhh”. Not to be mistake for the softer and gentler “Oo-sah” done in meditation.

Here are some examples using Ouss.

How are you doing today? Good?  “-Ouss”
That was a good punch huh? “Ouss”

(you see someone get punched in the face) “Ouss”

(While being struck) “Ousss”

(While delivering a strike) “”Ousss”

(As a greeting or goodbye) “Ouss”


Till Later… OUSS!

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