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Sijara Eubanks BJJ Team Lloyd Irvin Purple Belt

Sijara Eubanks BJJ Team Lloyd Irvin Purple Belt

I had my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fight in April 2008.  It was horrible. I was terribly out of shape, I had no idea what I was doing (I had been training all of 14 days), the butterflies in my stomach were so bad that I barfed just before I went on the mat, and I was wearing a Karate gi.  Still, I went out there, football tackled my opponent, and as I choked her with some move that I saw on UFC Unleashed the night before, I prayed that she would tap before I passed out.  When that epic match, which lasted about three and half minutes, was over and the ref raised my hand, I was overwhelmed with something I had never felt before.  There were mirrors along the wall and I saw myself, hand raised, a winner.  Right then I realized; I had never won ANYTHING before… I walked off the mat and barfed again.  I also lost every other match I had that day.  Tapped every time.

That was one of the most important days of my life; because that was the day my Jiu Jitsu life began.  That day I felt the glory of winning, the bitterness of defeat, and whatever feeling that is that makes you want MORE!  That…that addiction I immediately had for competition.  I got hooked.  Like, crackhead hooked.  It was an adrenaline rush like I had never felt before.  That day sparked something inside of me that had been buried for my entire 23 years of life.  The fire of competition.

Competition is defined as “the rivalry for supremacy” and “a contest for some prize, honor, or advantage.”  That sounds like a pretty straight-forward, simple answer.  But for me, competition is far more complex.  Competition is desire to be the best.  The drive to surpass your peers.  The passion to excel.  The willingness to prove superiority.  Competition is the contention for THE top prize.  Competition is everywhere and within everybody.  It’s human nature to be competitive, after all, only the strong survive.  Competition is inbred in us, we compete as children with siblings and friends for the best toy or biggest cookie.  As adolescents, we compete in school for top grades.  As adults we compete in the workplace for raises and promotions.  And as athletes, we compete to be the best at what we do.

For me, competition is a thrill.  I absolutely LOVE tournaments.  I love coming to the venue, the sights and sounds and smells.  I love putting on my headphones, warming up, and preparing for the fight.  The bullpen is the best part!  I feel like an animal, locked away, waiting my turn to go out there and prove who’s best.  I love watching all the faces; some people look scared, others angry, some are calm, and some jovial.  And only the few will leave with a Gold medal.


Some people shy away from competition.  Others crave it.  And it’s usually the most successful who embrace the competition.  So what sets the champion apart from the competitor?  I believe what makes a champion is one who is most competitive with him (or her) self.  Champions challenge themselves, champions do that little bit extra.  That extra lap, that extra pushup, that extra training, that extraordinary thing that no one else sees or does.  When they are alone in the gym, when no one is watching, that’s when a champion is most competitive.  Because the mind is one’s toughest opponent.  When the body is ready to quit, when all your teammates have gone home, when you are alone in the gym, a champion has the mindset to push some more.  The heart, will, and desire to succeed.  Not only to succeed but to accomplish things NO ONE ELSE WILL.


So how bad do you want it?


-SarJ Eubanks

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