Trench Tech Saipan’s ART OF WAR Grappling|Submission Tournament Results

Trench Tech Saipan's ART OF WAR 6 No Gi Grappling

Trench Tech Saipan's ART OF WAR 6 No Gi Grappling

Short summary of winners for The Art Of War 6 No Gi Grappling Submission Challenge 2011!

–Bantam Weight Division 100-135lbs

1st- Shane Aguon (The Pound BJJ Academy)
2nd- Kenji Okiyama (SPIKE 22 MMA)
3rd- Tex Agoun Barrigada BJJ

*It was an all Guam sweep in the bantam weight class. Shane Aguon defeated Kenji Okiyama in an exciting finals GOLD medal match winning 8pts to 5pts in the end of regulation (5mins).

15 year old Tex Aguon defeated Saipan’s Tabi Jay Muna from Predator Combat for the Bronze medal via points.

–FEATHER WEIGHT 136-145lbs:

1st- Derick “El Peligro” Rangamar (Marianas Elite)
2nd- Taylor Taitague (The Pound BJJ Guam)
3rd -Shane Alvarez (Trench Tech)

*The GOLD medal match between Rangamar and Taitague was one of the MOST exciting match ups as it was a Guam vs. Saipan bout! Both fighters entered the match undefeated and definitely did not dissapoint as they battled back and fourth to an even score at the end of regulation (0-0). This meant that both fighters had to go into “Sudden Death” in which the first to score points wins. After feeling each other out for a couple more minutes in OT, Rangamar scored an amazing take down to secure the Victory and the GOLD! Saipan WINS!!

Shane Alvarez battled his brother Alverick Alvarez for the bronze eventually winning by kimura Arm Lock at 2 mins into the round.

–LIGHT WEIGHT Division 146-155lbs:

1st- Shane “Pika Boo” Alvarez (TT)
2nd- Derick Rangamar (ME)
3rd- Chris Laayug (TT)

*Alvarez celebrated sweet revenge after losing a close fight to Derick Rangamar in the semi finals of the Feather Weight division and submitted Rangamar at 3 mins into the first round via RNC (Rear Naked Choke) to claim the GOLD in Light Weight!

Chris Laayug got Bronze after defeating fellow team mate- Vince Masga with a score of 4-2.

–WELTER WEIGHT Division 156-170lbs:
1st- Ryan Bustamonte (Team Counter Shot Guam)
2nd- Vince Masga- (TT)
3rd- Kimo Lizama (Gracie Barra)

*Bustamonte def trench Tech’s Vince via RNC in just 1 min 35 seconds of the round. Lizama defeated Trench Tech’s GOLD medal hopeful Rey Kim, who found himself behind on points with clean take downs from Lizama! Kim couldn’t pass Lizama’s effective attack and lost via points at the end of regulation 3-0.

–MIDDLE WEIGHT Division 171-185lbs

1st- Keli Manglona (TT/ Zeng Zung)
2nd- Ryan Bustamonte (Team Counter Shot Guam)
3rd- Tim Borja (The Pound BJJ Guam)

*Tinian’s Keli “Rukiz” Manglona was in TOP form as he put on a BJJ Clinic on his way to securing GOLD in 2 divisions. In his fight with Bustamonte, Manglona seemed to be a class above his competition and he easily handled a very tough and technical Ryan Bustamonte (who was undefeated coming into the match with Manglona, also undefeated). Manglona eventually secured an Arm Lock to force Bustamonte to tap out at 2 mins into the match.

Tim Borja defeated Ron Chisato via points to earn the Bronze.

–LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT Division 186-205lbs:

1st- Keli Manglona (TT/ Zeng Zung)
2nd- Ron Chisato (TT)
3rd- Jacob Haught (TT)

* Manglona easily out classed his competition in the Light Heavy weight division going undefeated the whole day and beating Ron Chisato via RNC at the 2 min mark of the match. Manglona who recently earned his Purple Belt in Las Vegas showed advanced skill and technique and was very happy to compete in The Art Of War.

Jacob Haught meanwhile defeated Tim Borja for the Bronze via Key Lock submission at 3 mins into the match.

–HEAVY WEIGHT- 206- UP lbs

1st- Mylo “Locksmith” Lassiter (TT)
2nd- Lil’ John Aguon (Barrigada BJJ)
3rd- Kelvin “The Big Hit” Fitial (ME)

*Mylo Lassitter, in his very 1st Grappling tournament went undefeated and won an exciting match over Guam foe, John Aguon. Aguon was also undefeated coming into the match and both scrambled the entier 5 mins of the match with Lassiter out scoring him in the end with a score of 8-5. Always great when CNMI challenges guam for the GOLD and wins!!

Kelvin (last years GOLD medalist in the Heavy Weight Class) had to settle for bronze as his forfeited his first match by showing up late. After being forced into the Bronze medal match, Fitial fought Trench Tech’s Jacob Haught in an awesome Bronze medal match with Haught dominating all but the last 5 seconds when Fitial pulled off an amazing come from behind win with an explosive last second guillotine choke forcing Haught to tap out with 5 seconds left in the match. Haught was up 8-2 at the time.

TT wants to thank all the participants and all the fans for coming out and supporting The Art Of War 6. Also special thanks to Miller Lite, Docomo Pacific, Budget Rent a car, Century Hotel, Konflikt MMA , Tha Trapp and Hagu Next!

Next event will be Trench Warz 14- Ground Zero, tentatively set for Jume 17th at the Saipan World Resort! Stay Tuned for details.

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