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Random Thoughts on Martial Arts

Royce Gracie UFC Classics

Royce Gracie UFC Classics

Buenas yan Hafa Adai!

The other day I youtubed “Pro Wrestling Moves in MMA!” The video I came across was SICKK! A whole lot of wrestling moves were pulled off in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Come on now! You know you were once a WWF/WCW super fan! hahah I know I was. The crazy thing about it, I knew a couple stuff were fake but man… some of the stuff looked super real, if not are real. I gotta admit… the punches, the kicks, and other stuff seemed super fake. But the fly in the air, double back flip, single front flip, spin around, eblow splash definitely wasn’t. These guys/gals were putting it all on the line. It was very entertaining!

Anywhooo… Most of these “pro wrestling moves” have been done in MMA.

To get to what I really wanna talk about in this post, in the youtube video, it featured a Keith Hackney fight from UFC 4 when he was going for groin shots. CRAZY!!! After seeing a clip of that fight again, I had to watch all the old school UFC fights again… CLASSICS!


Mixed Martial Arts

The first couple UFC fights seemed like it was straight out of a movie. Martial Artist vs Martial Artist. My style vs your style. They were there to prove to the world that their style was the best. I really enjoyed it because watching it, I could feel that all these guys had honor in what they did. They represented the art that made them better people, and represented their Team… Their Clan!

The first couple UFCs were RAW! No Rules… No Time Limit… No Weight Classes…! Beautiful! Seeing all the 12 to 6 o’clock elbows, kicks and knees to a downed opponent, head butts, hair pulling, groin shots, and shots to the back of the head reminded me how a real fight could end up. The best part about watching UFC 1-10, you can see MMA evolving already by the 5th UFC. After little Royce Gracie submitting everyone at will, people came to realize that you had to learn how to fight and defend yourself on the ground.

A big Thank You to pioneers of the art! Where would we be without the Royce Gracies, Ken Shamrocks, Keith Hackneys, etc… look at Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) now!

We are all students of the game… Let us train hard, perfect these techniques… so the generation ahead can benefit from us!

Long Live Martial Arts

Below is the “Pro Wrestling Moves in MMA” youtube video.


Pro Wrestling Moves in MMA

Emmanuel Yarborough vs Keith Hackney

Scott Morris vs Pat Smith

Martial Arts Lifer!

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  1. Awesome MMA Video Frank! Those Old School UFC videos brought back memories and that Pro Wrestling Moves in Mixed Martial Arts Fights video was great!

  2. rome says:

    Word!What’s MMA gonna look like in the next ten years…

  3. man its gonna be crazy! high level well rounded athletes…

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