No One said You Cannot Workout at Home!

Snow Snow Snow and more Snow!!!!

We are stuck at home again because of the snow storm! But hey look at the bright side, we’re changing up our training routine and instead of having our workouts at the Academy, we can have a workout at the comfort of our own home! HA! I’m super stoked for DJ Jackson, JC Cuffee, Ron “The Chior Boy” Stallings, Tim Woods, and Mike “The Hulk” Easton. We are just over a week out! TENNESSEE here we come!

ABOVE is a clip of me holding mitts for DJ. This is his 6th five minute round, and he will be fighting only three 3 minute rounds! Watch his energy level at the 6th ROUND! Ridiculous! Cant wait to see him smash!

It was cool working out at home! You always see commercials for tae bo (did i spell it right?), bowflex, and all them other “at home” workout stuffSS.

Get off your computer chair if you’re at work or at home orrr internet cafe… lol and bust out a couple of jumping jacks or pushups just to get the blood flowin! haha…

Keep it rockin!

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