Strength and Conditioning Tuesdays with D’Angelo & SNOW!

If you haven’t heard the weather has been lame here in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. SO MUCHHH SNOOWWW! I’ve been home since Friday and left the house three times only. Its been pretty hectic. A little under a week of staying home!

HoLY Cowzerrzz!


The snow stopped for about 2 days so DJ, Ron, and I made it to the school, Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Camp Springs MD, to do our Tuesday Strength and Conditioning with D’Angelo. I was a little dehydrated from staying home. When you’re indoor you never think about drinking you gallon of water. It was a rough one but made it and felt real good after the well needed workout!

Tracey and Mike Fowler were stuck in traffic so couldn’t join us, but they were there to watch us DIE on the mat! LOL…

Enjoy the Clip!

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