Camacho vs. Goodell in 30 Days! Who Will Win?!?!?!

Ladies & Gents I’ve been called out to a Challenge! GOODELL vs. CAMACHO! Ha!

Tracey Goodell has challenged me to a video off!

Whats a video off Challenge?
-Every day for 30 days I will post a video up of me watching videos of BJJ Black Belt matches, Muay Thai fights, MMA Fights, Wrestling matches, or highlights of any of them. The video must be posted up by 11:59PM
If I miss a day I will owe Tracey 100 pushups and will have to post all 100 up on YouTube.

I hope you’re ready to Rock n Roll Ms. Tracey! Let the Video off begin….

This is a great idea. Remember on my last post how I said I was going to watch video for 90 days. Its definitely helping me a whole lot. Its definitely stimulating my mind in all aspects of fighting.

If you have a goal, I highly advise you to take a few minutes off your day and dedicate it to video, reading articles, or whatever it is to get better at it. I’m sure it will help out someway.


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  1. Keith Kapileo says:

    Just want to say wassup…You Reppin the CNMI in the best way possible..if they had a CNMI hall of fame, leche par..your the first inductee, lol..we havent met b4 but im aware of your presence…who doesnt?…but hey, big ups to you man!