Congratulations to Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis with his UFC Debut Win!

CONGRATULATIONS  to Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis on his UFC debut win via Domination!

4 Time All American and NCAA Wrestling Champ, Phil displayed excellent composure and wrestling skills against his opponent, former WEC Light heavyweight Champ, Brian Stann.

The thing I really like about Phil’s wrestling is that he has a very strong and tight basics game. I think if you have a strong fundamental base you will achieve wonders, hence Mr. Wonderful. haha.

If you didn’t see his debut in UFC 109 you missed out on some good fundamental wrestling and ground and pound! It was awesome how he was listening to almost Everything Master Lloyd was saying in the corner. “Get him off his elbow Phil! Get him off his elbow! Say in the Half guard and trap the arm!” Man it was some good stuff. Master Lloyd said it himself, Phil listened so well it was like playing a video game.

Rock on Phil! Many more wins… I mean DOMINATIONS to come! huusss


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  1. Bryan Zink says:

    dude!!! he ruled…you should do that next tiome you fight(jk)