MARTIAL ARTS|Master Lloyd Irvin’s My Grappling Creed!

Below is Master Lloyd Irvin’s Grappling Creed. I think of it as my MMA Creed! I say Mixed Martial Artist instead of Grappler.

I used to be one of those MMA fighters that just tease other traditional martial arts. “Oh man that would NEVER work in a real fight!” But I’ve realized that all martial arts were practiced for a reason. If they’ve been around for generations, they must work! I can go on and on about this… I’ll talk more about it on a different post! 😉

Ok! Back to the Grappling Creed! hahah

I try to read this everyday… and every time I read it I learn something new and get closer and closer to fully understanding the concept. Still leaves me speechless!

The parts that stand out to me every time I read it are in BOLD. Take the time to read it… read it more than once!



Frank The Crank Camacho URCC 9

Frank The Crank Camacho URCC 9

My Grappling Creed
I believe that the mind of a Grappler contains the
Greatest of all forces—that Thought is one of
The greatest manifestations of energy.
I believe that the Grappler who understands the
Use of Thought and Mental Attraction can make of himself practically
What he will
I believe that not only is a Grapplers body subject to
The control of the mind, but that, also, a grappler may
Change environment, “luck,” circumstances, by
Positive thought taking the place of negative. I
Know That the “I Can and I Will” attitude will
Carry a Grappler to Success that will seem
Miraculous to the man on the “I Can’t” plane.
I believe that “thoughts are things,” and that
The Law of Attraction in the grappling World will
Draw to a grappler just what he desires or fears.
I believe in the gospel of hard work—in “drilling,
Visualizing, Journaling, train the mind, setting goals and being
Held accountable for those goals, Taking Action”
I believe in the I DO, as well as the I AM. I
Know that the Grappler who will take advantage of
The Power of the Mind, and who will manifest
That power in action, will go forward to Success
As surely and as steadily as the arrow from the
Bow of a skilled archer.
I believe in the Brotherhood of Grappling.
I believe in being Kind.
I believe in everyone minding his own business
–and allowing everyone else the same privilege.
I believe that we have no right to condemn—
“let a grappler who is without sin cast the first stone.”
I believe that a Grappler who Hates is an assassin; that
A Grappler who Covets is a thief; a grappler who Lust is an
Adulterer; that the gist of a crime is in it’s desire.
Seeing this—looking into our own hearts—
How can we condemn?
I believe that Evil is but Ignorance.
I believe that “to know all is to forgive all.”
I believe that there is good in every grappler; let
Us help them manifest it
As a practitioner of BJJ, SOMBO and JUDO.
I believe in the absolute equality of all styles of
Grappling as they all have their own purpose,
I believe that a grappler is immortal—that the Real
Self is Spirit, which uses mind and body as its
Tools, and manifests itself according to the fitness
Of the tools.
I believe that I will teach Grapplers to grow into a
New plane of consciousness, in which they will know
Himself as he is—will recognize the I AM—The Something Within.
I believe that there is an Infinite Power in, and of, all things.
I believe that, although today Grapplers will steadily
Grow to comprehend it more fully—will get in
Closer touch with it. Even now grapplers have
Momentary glimpses of its existence—a momentary
Consciousness of Oneness with the Absolute.
I believe that the separation that is manifest within
The Grappling World is just that of non-understanding.
I believe that as the Grappling World elevates their understanding
To the “I CAN” I AM” and the “I WILL”
Our World will be so much Better
Lloyd Irvin aka “The Grappling Coach”


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  2. Inia says:

    Awesome! I love it!