2010 No Gi World Championships in Long Beach CA


Team Lloyd Irvin 2010 NoGi World Championships

Team Lloyd Irvin 2010 NoGi World Championships

Team Lloyd Irvin Ripped it up at the 2010 No Gi World Championships in Long Beach CA.

Just got back from LA this past weekend… The Team did well!

DJ “RAM MAN” (purple belt) and Rachel (purple belt) pulled off the tournament SLAM! Double Gold in their division and the absolute. DJ was on a roll! He made the purple belt division one huge Kimura Fest! hahah


JT "Spiderman" Torres

JT "Spiderman" Torres

JT “Spiderman” had some awesome fights! I always enjoy watching him compete. Smooth technique, fast pace, and explosive action! JT finished the tournament with the Bronze Medal in his black belt division.

Big Willie (purple belt) beasted with a Gold Medal in his division and a Bronze Medal in the Absolute! Willie killed it at the tournament.

Jeremy aka “FLANDERS” was on a back frenzy this past weekend. Arm drag to rear naked choke. ok ok ok he did triangle and armlock other people… but his back take is quick! Flanders finished the tournament with Double Bronze in his blue belt weight and absolute division.

Jeremy "Flanders" West Win

Jeremy "Flanders" West Win

Danny, Lenny, and Fred went out there and represented! Having good matches in their divisions.


2010 NoGi World Championships

2010 NoGi World Championships

Check out the video below from the tournament! Enjoy…

The flight back to DCA was horrible… I was looking forward to a nice airplane nap after the tournament. I was pretty exhausted from the running around, getting footage, yelling, cheering, and all that stuff for hours…

When I saw my seat… It was in the wayyy back where the seats dont recline. And to top it off it would of been nice to be sitting alone having 3 seats to myself but NOOOOO! i was in the middle of two people! GREAT! JUST GREAT!

Caught up with some sleep.. ready to rock n roll! Gonna work on some gi tonight! Keep it rockin…



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