“Your Workout is our Warmup” says Coach D’Angelo!

“Your Workout is our Warmup!”

Strength & Conditioning Coach D’Angelo always says that! AND I BELIEVE IT! Holy Moly our warmups are rough! Imagine how the actual workout feels. Its just real soothing knowing as I look across the cage/ring/mat at my opponent that I am ready to rock n roll! This is why I cannot miss breakfast or a meal because I need all the energy for these workouts.

I LOVE Fast Food! and I love Spam and Eggs! and I love BURGERS! and i love fried rice!

well, the food that I “love” don’t help me at all with these workouts. So imagine this!

You have a passion for racing nascar! you are driving at a constant speed of nearly 300mph for a couple of hours! (I may be off but anywhoo) If you want to win you’re going to need it to run swift and smooth. You’re going to need your race car in TOP condition. Give it the best fuel you can get! Not unleaded gasoline from the Exxon! On some days when you want to save a couple of bucks and use unleaded gasoline… you lose the race, blow your engine, and you out of your race car!

I’ve been doing a pretty good job with my eating habits. I’ve “treated” myself to a couple of food that I love here and there. HAHA…

Feed your body good fuel to run in top condition! NO MORE SPAM AND RICE! lol…

Enjoy the video of my teammates and I getting tortured by Coach D! lol… Rock on!

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