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Saipan Guam Northern Mariana Island Revival



My name is Jose Tenorio Quan aka “ByTheBay.” I am currently 21 years of age, attending Santa Clara University located within the bay area of California. I’m come from the beautiful island of Saipan where I’ve spent 21 years of my life enjoying the island way. For 4 years of my life, I spent it on the island of Hawaii where I attended a boarding school. And now, I am currently a business management major with an environmental studies minor, however deeply motivated to becoming a marine biologist.


ASK YOURSELF! What things do I find most valuable to my inner self?” These things can range from being simple virtues or even materialistic things we find to represent ourselves. This theme of materialarity being the characteristics that represent ourselves will probably be another topic to conquer but what I am bringing to the counter is to what we find most to be the most passionate thing in life we hold on to no matter how rough the ride may be. To me, this is our family and our roots.

Being from Saipan, it seems that the island way tends to be more collective where we stick together and watch each other’s backs and keep each other safe. This can vary greatly as you embrace other cultures worldwide, but Saipan, Guam, & Marianas Chamorro culture runs through our veins no matter where we go. The point I’m getting at is that in order for this culture to remain untouched and pure, is to collectively maintain our island itself. It all started on our home of Saipan and if it ends, it will end on our home of Saipan. I always over hear people talking about how they just can’t wait to leave this “rock” we call our home to pursue other dreams or personal inhibitions and never return home in search of new beginnings. I clearly understand your thought processes because how can one live in such a one sided corrupted government? The answer to this is to come home. Come home and make a change you feel is most significant to yourself that you feel must be improved upon. There are endless lists of things that can be approved within the islands. This will be no effortless battle, but together, anything impossible is highly possible. Go live your lives where ever you want. Learn from your surroundings and reflect upon where your heart lies closest to you. My heart lies closest to my home, my family, my natural environment, my island, the Northern Mariana Islands.

We are going through rough times. The change will come within the next generation’s attempt for change, directly from our knowledge of what experience we gain through living our unique lives we choose to live. So once again, let us unify our minds and think as one to ultimately change the way it’s seen and cultivate it to evolve into what we want it to see, the beautiful Saipan, Guam, and Mariana Islands!

Island Revival

ByTheBay OUT!



Give Back To The Marianas For What The Marianas Has Given To You!

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If you’re too busy… ok then! But just remember how it feels to jump in the ocean and be proud of where you’re from.


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  1. rome says:

    Words of a Few–Thoughts for the many.
    LongLive the MarianaIslands