Trench Tech’s Rites of Passage FEARLESS KOREA vs. SAIPAN

Boy I wish I was home to see this fight!

Trench Tech’s Rites of Passage FEARLESS Korea vs. Saipan is one heck of a card! The Rites of Passage are the proving grounds for Mixed Martial Artists. Based on performance, they are invited to fight in the pro event, Trench Warz.

I love amateur fights because they put everything on the line to prove themselves. They put in the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and time into 15 minutes of fighting. IMAGINE THAT! dedicating hours of your day for a minimum of 6 weeks for 15 minutes of fighting? I mean FULL BLOWN FIGHTTTINNNGGG! I think thats beautiful. That is what makes Mixed Martial Arts a ‘pure’ sport. You do what you gotta do for 6 weeks and I’ll do what I gotta do… and we will both put it all on the line on a set date for a maximum of 15 minutes. WOW! Thinking about it always gives me goosebumps.

Anywhooo… I’m getting a little side tracked, so here is the tentative fight card for Rites of Passage FEARLESS Korea vs. Saipan this Friday February 12, 2010 at the Saipan World Resort.

Good luck to all! Go represent! Fight hard! and most importantly…. Go out there and have yourself some FUN!


Josh Martin vs. Johmar Untalan(Tinian) 145lbs.

Jason Teregeyo vs. Jerry Mundo(Tinian)135lbs.

Ben Duenas vs. George Manglona(Tinian)160lbs.

Mike Taitano(Guam) vs. Carl Cepeda(Tinian) 160lbs.

Frank Demapan vs. Sigfried Enriquez(Tinian) 130lbs.

Derick Manglona vs. Josh Cruz 135lbs

Frank Benavente(Guam) vs. Craig Borja(Tinian) 145lbs.

Denri Mality vs. Pete Cepeda(Tinian) 155lbs.

Kev Esteves vs. Mark Nuique

Jay Muna vs. Brad Palacios

Rick 2slik San Nicolas vs. TBA


*Young Nam “The Hippo” Gu vs. Chris “NO LUV” Laayug 145lbs

*Kang “DR Kang” Bum Chang vs. Fasi “Quikdraw” Jesse 155lbs

*Hyun Kyu “THE ACE” Lim vs. Slade “THE RAGE” Adelbai

Official Weigh ins will be on Thursday Feb 11th @ Club V from 5pm-7pm.

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