!!!Warning!!!! Don’t Try This At Home! All Out MMA Sparring

Fight Pic

Hafa Adai Guys!

So sparring went real well… and the best thing about it… Theres some footage! One of the things I really like about the Team is that no one holds back during MMA Sparring. When we are sparring and Master Lloyd says, “We are going LIVE!” Believe me.. We Are Going LIVE! hahah

During these sparring sessions it really does feel like a real fight. You may get rocked or dazed but you gotta stay composed and figure out what to do in certain situations like that. It can either make you or break you.

In the drill below Master Lloyd had us get a partner and for a certain amount of rounds (I lost count after all the brawling! haha) we had to go FULL BLOWN, ALL OUT, 100%, YOURE LOSING THE FIGHT AND NEED TO KO YOUR OPPONENT 30 secs on 15 sec off.
I really like these drills because you really learn about yourself before, during, and after these drills. If you don’t like getting hit I suggest you try something else! lol… Good times good times!

After the 30 sec drill I got to work some rounds with teammate Ish. Had some good rounds except for those throws he threw me with! They were clean and awesome!

Check out the video below to see all the bashing Action!!

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  1. johnny h says:

    ya banging hardcor. love da way ya rep da island chelu. keep scorchin