JT “Spiderman” Torres 2010 No Gi Pan Ams Black Belt Lightweight Champion!

JT Spiderman Torres BJJ

JT Spiderman Torres BJJ

Right on JT!

Congratulations to JT “Spiderman” Torres for ripping it up on the mats in New York City last weekend at the 2010 No Gi Pan American Championships! He hit his 240th Back Take in competition during his finals match, finishing his opponent via rear naked choke! Once he’s on your back, call it a night! You are either tapping or going night night. 😉

Let me tell you this! JT “SPIDERMAN” TORRES is a 21 year old Black Belt, high level, world class, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Phenom! It is a pleasure and honor to train with him at the Team Lloyd Irvin Headquarters in Camp Springs MD. (JT if you’re reading this, I hope you’re flattered bro. Hahah)

I like the SpyCam footage below because if you’ve ever rolled with him, you feel like the zebra and JT is the Lion! (for the record I love zebras. ;))


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