First Day Back! TIP OF THE DAY. Bag Work!

frank the crank camacho

frank the crank camacho

Hafa Adai!

Been MIA… Been out for a little bit. Got a little bubu so I had to take a week and a half off, but great news! IM BACK ON IT! I didn’t get to rock on the mats with the Team, but I watched class… Awesome visual training! I got to work on stuff that I hardly touch on when I’m training hard. I find visual training very useful.. Watching footage, watching sparring, watching Master Lloyd teach a technique.. Good stuff.

Can’t wait to get back on the mats!

“There is Strength within my Weakness… I must remove my Ego and Identify my Weaknesses!”

Because of ego and a bunch of other stuff of course is how I got injured. “Hey Frank! Are you training today bro? Take downs? Throws? Full on Sparring?” hahah how do you say no to that? If I say no will he think Im a pudding pop? LOL… Don’t be saying no and fake the injury to get out of sparring or anything… If so, then you’re just wasting your time!

Tip #1: Remove your ego!

Tip #2: Get a video camera and watch footage of yourself so you can critique your technique. See what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing so well. I have 2 pages of notes of what I need to work on when I was hitting the bag.

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  • Left hand low
  • Head movement
  • Need to stay out of line of opponents fire while punching
  • After a slip or pivot MUST return with counter
  • Change up rhythm (NO RHYTHM!)
  • Add faints
  • SPEED SPEED SPEED (Speed kills 😉
  • Keep good balance. Good posture
  • And a WHOLE LOT MORE! (2 pages of stuffs hahaha)

If there was one thing I was doing better with my 1st day back bag work was staying on my toes. Still gotta work.

Heres the clip below!

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  1. rome says:

    thats education–well said!