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Frank The Crank Camacho Weight Loss

Frank The Crank Camacho Weight Loss

I had to share this! Champion Mind Set! Not for everyone... Thanks Coach D!

Strength: A State of Mind
by Advanced Sports Performance on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 2:34pm

I am often asked, “what do I need to do to get stronger?” My answer is always the same, “Lift heavy weight!” Sounds simple, and it is. What isn’t simple is developing, achieving, and maintaining what I like to call a Champion Mindset. You will never improve your strength without first mastering the mental approach. Many allow doubt and fear to hold them back. Many coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts use strict increments and percentages in their approach to achieving greater strength gains. My unconventional approach employs what I call the “WHY NOT PRINCIPLE.” After being sure that first and foremost a lift or movement is safe and well supported, I prefer to throw weights on the bar or machine……If you can go up 5lbs, WHY NOT increase it by 10lbs or 20lbs? I find that in an attempt to reach one’s maximum potential for a particular lift in a slow and methodical manner, most reach a point of fatigue before reaching their heaviest potential load. So instead of a “light” warm up on a bench press, then increasing the load in gradual increments……….. I simply throw wieght on the bar (COUNT PLATES NOT WIEGHT!). I usually warm up with 20 reps of 225lbs, then progress to my first working set of 275lbs, then second working set of 315, third working set of 365, and topping out at 405lbs (I also alternate with a back movement between sets…….. I’m an opposing muscle groups proponent versus the classic chest and triceps fan. But more on that late, because when I say classic I mean SUCKS!). But the key here is not the routine, but the state of mind!

I was asked recently by a rather large individual, “How much should I be able to lift for my size?” My answer, “Are you strong or are you weak?” Lifting 300lbs sounds impressive, but if you weight 300lbs………………NOT! I call that doing push ups. If you have failed to dedicate yourself to improving your performance, strength, edurnace, etc each time you set out on your particular field of compeition, then you are not strong. One must cultivate mental strength as they also work to increase their physical strength.

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So how do you increase your strength? CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Trick your mind. Set a goal that you once thought was ridiculously inconceivable, and try to reach it anyway. I was criticized/questioned by a trainer some time back for a training protocol I like to call the 100 Rep Workout, because they noticed in a video that some of the athlete’s form was improper. This makes since after rep 60. But what this trainer missed was the fact that I was building mental strength in the team, while simultaneously training their bodies. The goal wasn’t 100 perfect reps, but the mindset of pushing past fatigue, then pushing more. I know that 100 perfect reps is ridiculous, but the team pushed through. If I instructed the team to stop as their form began to fail, as was suggested by this critic, I may have only gotten 20 reps out of them. (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! ) But by demaning 100 reps, I will get 50+ reps…. More than twice than what those imprisoned by thoughts of what beleive is possible. Again this is why for my clients and team members…. YOUR WORKOUT IS OUR WARM-UP! But again this is a Champion Mindset… A World Champion Mindset!

Want to get stronger today? Here are a couple of ways you can begin to challenge yourself and get stronger right now.

Blind Sets- Have a training partner randomly select loads for you to lift during your next training session. Close your eyes and have your partner add or reduce the load at their whim. They should play with your mind by slapping the plates or quietly adding weight while tellin gyou its the same weight. You will be surprised how the anticipation can didctate how much you are able to lift.

I have done this routine countless times with clients. Sometimes changing a person’s mind about weight is the only ting necessary to get them to move to thenext level.

REAL High Reps- Think you’ve done a high rep routine? Try this during your next session. Take th number of reps you would normally perform, and double it. Easy!…. actually no, its probably the worse burn you have ever felt.

Champion Mindset—> Change your mind, change your body!

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Dedicated to the dedicated… –ASP

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