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Saipan|Mariana Islands|Sunset borrowed picture from

Saipan|Mariana Islands|Sunset borrowed picture from

—>CLICK HERE<— to listen to Reggae/Chamorro Livestream Music Now!

Finally a place to call home…Wherever you are.

Betelnut Radio is where you’ll find music from the islands, specifically Guam and the Northen Marianas.

Betelnut radio features Chamorro Tunes mixed with music from all over the Paciific…
From Fiji to Hawaii… we have it all.
Betelnut Radio is also dashed with a healthy amount of Reggae too

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I got a call from my Nao and my sister…. “Frankie Boy!!!! Theres a Chamorro Music App for the iPhone! Download it now!” hahah I was super stoked. Immediately went to the site, followed the directions, and now I’m listening to reggae and chamorro livestream music.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on my Facebook if anyone knew a chamorro livestream website to listen to local chamorro music from Saipan, Guam, or whatever. Theres this app right now ‘i heart radio’ but its a hawaiian radio station.

For all you Chamorros away from home and need some island jams check out the website above. Next thing you know you’ll be doing the Chacha! hahah.

Big thanks to my Nao Frank Oliver and cousin Daisy Camacho Oliver for spreading the Chamorro Love on the World Wide Web!

Enjoy the Music… Spread the Word![fblike layout_style=’button_count’ show_faces=’true’ verb=’like’ font=’tahoma’ color_scheme=’dark’]



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