WordsOfWisdom: Team Lloyd Irvin BJJ Black Belt Master Donnie Achnick

Master Donnie Achnick

Master Donnie Achnick

Words of Wisdom! Face the Truth… Which one are You?

…Daily Routine…

“Being the best is not for everyone.
There are those who will do it, but they are the few.
Because the best are actually “the best of the best.”
Whatever it is that you do, in whatever field that your in,

can you look at yourself in the mirror every night or in the morning and say
“I did more then the best would, and then I did a little more than that?”
Do you have to face the truth?…
That your not willing to be the best because you didn’t make sacrifices,
you participated in activities that hinder your personal progression,
you lied to your supporters or felt the need to keep secrets
from those who only tried to help you achieve the “goals” you expressed to them, or the worst of it all….
You lie to yourself and ALLOW YOURSELF TO BELIEVE that you can be what you dream to be
without the burning desire to actually do it.
Potential, talent, and hard work is not enough.
Burning desire and sacrifice must exist.  PERIOD!!! Dreams become goals and accomplished goals = legacy.
Dreams are not achieved by dreamers…..
So for all you doers out there I congratulate for what you will accomplish…
To everyone else……  Keep dreaming.”

Master Donald Achnick

BJJ Black Belt/Coach of Decade/Team Lloyd Irvin Kids Instructor
Team Lloyd Irvin

Enjoy the Vid! CRANK OUT!

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