BJ “The Prodigy” Penn vs. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar 2 at UFC 118

UFC 118

UFC 118

UFC 118 will be in the history books! I cant wait for the rematch of BJ and Frankie in Boston… Im for BJ all the way. I just hope he is in shape for this fight… BJ is super dangerous after taking loses! Frankie has his hands full on this fight against The Prodigy.


The Randy Couture vs. James Tony fight will be historical. Mixed Martial Arts has never had someone like James Toney compete. No one with that ‘high level’ boxing fight in MMA. You hear a lot of boxers talk about mixed martial arts and how our striking is horrible… But you gotta remember Mixed Martial Arts is a whole different thing from boxing. Boxing is just a little aspect to being a mixed martial artist.

I cant wait to see this fight! Im a big James Toney Fan! He is a beast! One of the best to ever live and fight in the boxing ring.
Im a huge Randy fan as well… He has done great things for the sport and is always classy!

Im for Randy on this! 1st round stoppage! hahah OHH YAHHH!

Heres the trailer for the upcoming fight!

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