Through The Eyes Of The Technician.. Muhsin Corbbrey

Today at 5:51pm
“Thailand, where training is a lifestyle. A lifestyle in which your only stress is your inner struggle to overcome personal demons like self doubt and fear. A place where you can overcome those demons and elevate to another level. In Thailand I wake up in the morning eager to face today’s challenges. I understand that the punishment I face everyday will mold me into the person that I want to be.

I understand why so many people come to the land of smiles and never leave. It was very difficult for me to get on the plane today. Hard for me to leave my training partners and my amazing trainer. Difficult to leave a lifestyle and a place of constant improvement. I am taking so much back with me. I am hugrier than ever and looking forward to my next challenge.

I want to thank everyone that was part of another great training experience. First, Tiger Muay Thai, Big Mac and Ray Elbe. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Thank you for helping me live my dream and for giving me new opportunities. Ray, thank you for getting me back on track and helping me live up to my potential. Kru Yod, thank you for an education in Muay Thai. I have so much more to learn and I look forward to many more training sessions. Claire, thank you for showing me what hard work and hunger is. I am truely a fan. Robin, thanks for everything bro. It is truely amazing to have a like minded cat to discuss life with when you are far away from home. And I can’t forget my little leprechaun Damo. Your tenacity and desire to learn motivated me to work my hardest everyday. You are going to do big things bro.

Vargas… Chok dee (good luck) in the queens cup. Joe Ray, introduce Chad Reiner to the “one hitter quitter”.

It is great to be a part if the Tiger Muay Thai family and I look forward to taking Tiger Muay Thai USA to a……


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