CRAZY88 BJJ Baltimore MD! Another Great day of Training!

WHEWW!!! Let me catch my breath! just got home, super duper tired from todays awesome training.

Hafa Adai ladies and gents!

Today apparently was a snow day, so our Camp Springs MD school was closed! We had awesome, well needed work drilling positions this afternoon for about a good three hours. I was feeling a little sluggish. Totally my fault because I didn’t have breakfast and I messed up my eating schedule for the whole day. (Crazy what that can do to you) If you dont eat breakfast, Try it out for a week! YOU’LL HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY! its awesome. Spam and eggs? HA!

Anywhoo… (i say this a littttllleee too much)

My energy levels were horrible, I was a little dehydrated, this and that this and that! CANCEL THOUGHT! I know you’re thinking, FRANK YOU COMPLAINER YOU! lol… totally my fault, but hey! you gotta train when you’re not 100%. Makes you better yeah?

DJ, Willie, Tracey, Mike, and I made a trip to Crazy88 BJJ to roll with different training partners. Crazy88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an affiliate school in the Baltimore Area. If you’re every in the area check it out! You’ll learn so much from their head instructor Julius and the beasts he has up there.

We sparred the whole time in their BJJ Advance Class! Got great rolls in with really good people. Now Im at home waiting to take this HOT SHOWER, and be ready to rock n roll tomorrow!

Ill be sparring tomorrow, I’ll post something up. Be sure to stay posted if  you want to see me get punched in my face by DJ! hahah.

Take it easy ladies and gents, beautiful people of the earth! LOL ROCK ON!

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  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day~ =)