For Her Honor.. For Her Glory! ONRA Guam|Saipan|Marianas Mixed Martial Arts

PXC 20:

Would like to start by congratulating the organizers of Premeir Xtreme Combat on their 20th full-scale event. Leaving in its trails more than 2dozen smaller shows  in PrebaHaos, Fight Nights, and events in Saipan—the event has adapted to move forward through different trials that have come in the many forms of MMA controversy, surrounding economic adversities, as well as having to educate yet also report to a newly formed government-endorsed sanctioning body—the GuamUnarmed CombatComission.

With that being said, after sitting for another night of good fights and evolving local talent. We can all attest that overall our industry has come far. Our fighters are consistentlybetter, our event production(s) always seem to be getting crispier and very noticably our fans are definitely a lot more sport-educated.

Though we might not be seeing the overpacked audiences in attendance as weve seen in the past—its still quite impressive to see the masses still number in the thousands to gather in celebration of our sport.

A comment was made by a good friend that the crowd we saw event are the die hards and that the grudge matches, and local vs. local bouts seem to be better sellers.  Coming from an event promoter’s perspective, I think I can agree. But you know—it’s very important that we continue to have these international fights. Airfare costs money. Hotels costs money.As do rent-a-cars, meals and other extended accommodations. These pressures make it increasingly difficult to continue this formula. Though at times these types of fights do not seem to sell tickets today. In light of the audience that still pays tickets to support our events—this movement will continue to sell tickets tomorrow.

Lets face it though—as promoters we must be entertainers. And as service providers we should try to give the fans what they want . But sometimes, in one way or another as leaders, we should also make efforts to provide something we might feel that an industry needs.

As we have  our seasoned audience, we have seasoned promoters, we have seasoned fighters, and we have a pretty seasoned industry. With this deeper perspective, with hopefully a mindset that has evolved from the curiosities of “Who is the toughest guy on the island?”  having international fights graduates our local events from just being an incubation chamber to becoming a summit landmark for prospects and opportunities beyond the boundaries of out island.

This tremendous display of gratitude for the efforts that our fighters have endured, is a toast for their accomplishments and a stepping stone to a higher podium for not just our fighters but more importantly our flag.

Its not just a road to send our fighters off-island; It’s part of a bigger process to send our island off island. For her honor, for her glory.

At the fights, I had sat in on a group conversation and were all commenting on how many events weve been to and reminisced of old fights and fighters of the past—but what was even more noticeable was fights that we’re anticipating to watch in the future.

In good faith, this sport and this industry can be around for a long time.

What exactly do we want to do with it? And what might be our call-of-duy?

Questions not just for promoters, but for fans, fighters, sponsors..for the extended community supporting MMA. This is not a product of or for one. Its one collective product for the many.

Like sponsors, fighters, and other fans–already standing in line for the next show.

Thanks for dropping by.


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