IT WORKS! IT Really Does WORK! Be a Productive Bob, stop being a Negative Nancy

Another Great day of training at Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Camp Springs Maryland. Its my first day back in a week because of a minor injury. I made a promise to myself that I would watch at least ONE black belt match a night. (I get carried away and watch about 3-4) It has definitely helped my rolling this morning & this evening. It is amazing how powerful the mind is, well when you really look at it, it all starts in your mind then you make emotion and personal preference make the decision.

Try this “CANCEL THOUGHT!” Next time you don’t want to do something or anything, just yell in your mind, CANCEL THOUGHT! Cancel your thought, rethink, and just do it. Amazing how that works.


Dedicate half and hour to something you’re working on, whether its motivational quotes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Videos, or business audio tapes, it will make a HUGE difference in what you’re trying to accomplish.

I am three nights in, I cannot wait till I hit my 90 day mark! ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!

So do that! Take 30 mins of your day and be productive for ONCE! haha… uhhhh i feel like playing some gam…… CANCEL THOUGHT! whewww, on the verge of being a negative nancy! Let the Good Vibes flow

Here’s the highlight video I was watching earlier. Jacare is a BEAST!


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