CraNk’s Weight Loss Project! After our Sunday FEAST!



Before the 2010 Mundials I had a list of things I wanted to eat. I’ve been eating pretty clean earlier part of this year. (Had quite a few cheat meals. hahahah) But this past week I went CRAZY!!! Hawaiian BBQ, BURGERS, FRIES, Fast Food, Cake, EVERYTHING!! It was Glorious.

Im back on it… just got back from the grocery store with some Oatmeal, Berries, Brown Rice, veggies, chicken breasts, and a whole lot of other stuff.
Cannot wait to get back on it. Eating Horrible makes you feel so sluggish. I need to reload my body with good fuel to burn to work at my maximum performance. (Geezzz sounded like a Men’s Fitness Magazine interview)

I think Im back to 190lbs… Holy Moly! I have a lot of stored energy to burn! WHOOO HOOOO… Imma have a before and after pic to see how this goes.

4Weeks… Here is one of before!

Frank The Crank Camacho Weight Loss

Frank The Crank Camacho Weight Loss

Went to dinner with JT “Spiderman, Mike, Tracey, and Master Donnie to some Korean BBQ! Well worth it.

It wasnt dinner.. it was a Sunday FEAST! hahahah

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  1. Naji says:

    FEAST!!! LOL

    yo frank, share this diet sir. 4 week challenge? sounds good.