Thank You Everyone for the Love and Support! 2010 Mundials

Team Lloyd Irvin 2010 Mundials

Team Lloyd Irvin 2010 Mundials

Team Lloyd Irvin 2010 Mundial Results


BJJ Blue Belts
Frank Camacho
Sijara Eubanks
Rachel Demara
Evan Gideon

BJJ Purple Belts
Andris Brunovski
Willie Leonard
Tracey Goodell in both her division and absolute

BJJ Blue Belts
David Zwanetz
DJ Jackson
Evan Gideon(Open Class)
Kim Rivers

BJJ Purple Belt
Brad Pearson.

BJJ White Belt
Anene Wynn

BJJ Blue Belts
Kenneth Brown
DJ Jackson (Open Class)
Rachel Demara (Open Class)

Frank The Crank Camacho 2010 BJJ World Champion

Frank The Crank Camacho 2010 BJJ World Champion

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Leslie, and Ton for all the love and support! I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without you guys. You all believe in me and support me 110% Thank you guys!

Thank you Master Lloyd, Master Donnie, and all of my training partners at Team Lloyd Irvin! Team Lloyd Irvin We’re The BEST!

To all my friends and family… Cuki Alvarez, Jason Tarkong, Sensei Tetsuji Kato, and the rest of Team Trench Tech Purebred Saipan! I will never forget my humble beginnings. There would be no Frank The Crank without you guys! Ouuuss..

Thanks for all the support Rome and Fokai Industries! Keep it Rockin.

To my bestfriend Jose ByTheBay! Thanks bro… Thanks for not showing up for my competition too! hahahaha just playin bro! Thanks for everything man…

To the people of the Marianas… You are my motivation to keep it rockin! Thank you for believing in your native son.

To everyone, especially the kids! Its OK to dream big… Make your dreams your goals… Dont let anyone or anything stop you or slow you down from reaching them.

“Hard Work Will Always Beat Talent… When Talent Refuses To Work Hard!”

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