Evan Gideon and I Close out the Medio-Pesado Blue Belt Division at the New York International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Evan Gideon & Frank Camacho New York Open BJJ

Evan Gideon & Frank Camacho New York Open BJJ

Hafa Adai!
Another Great weekend for the Team in New York! We all just got back from the New York International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championships! We took home so many medals Im not sure if I could name everyone. I know that received the 2nd Place Overall Team trophy for the NY Open. Super cool stuffs!

I felt real good for this tournament. Executed my game plan real well during all my matches. I finished all 3 of my opponents via Kimura! KIMURA FEST! hahah…
Evan & I met up in the finals after beating all our opponents. I bowed out to him giving him the Gold and taking home the Silver! GO TEAM LLOYD IRVIN!
here are some of the results!

Black Belts
Mike Fowler: 2nd
JT “Spiderman” Torres: 1st & 1st (Black Belt Absolute Champion)

Brown Belt
Jimmy Harbison: 2nd place (division) 3rd (Absolute)

Blue Belts:
Evan Gideon from Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & I closed out our Medio-Pesado division.
DJ Jackson: 1st & 1st (His division and Blue Belt Absolute)
Kim Rivers from Third Law BJJ took 1st in her division & Cathy from Crazy 88 took 3rd in that same division.
Jeremy West: 2nd
Kevin Dalton: 2nd
Rachel Demara and Tracey Goodell both took 1st in their weight classes, and closed out the absolute division.
Domynika and Tracey closed out the womens leve(light) division.

White Belts
Aneene, Jake and Al took home the Gold in their divisions.

Check out the highlight video I put together for the Team Lloyd Irvin SpyCam! Enjoy!

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  1. Betty Miller says:

    Another trip to NYC and you still didn’t check Di? She’s gonna have to beat you at planking again to remind you of your CNMI roots! ; 0 )