My Legs…. Feel Like… JELLY! Lower Body Tuesdays

Frank The Crank Camacho UWC Capital Punishment

Frank The Crank Camacho UWC Capital Punishment

HEY COACH D!!! If you read this… Thank you sir! my legs are shaking when I try to take a step… hahah

Today was supposed to be a “light” workout! Im hurting from Mondays workout. Trained in the morning, jumped in the MMA Sparring with Kris “The Savage” McCray and Ron “Choir Boy” Stallings, and finished off the day with hard Monday night BJJ Advanced Class Training… Throws and everything! So when D’Angelo said the workout was going to be “light” I was excited. He made it sound easier when he mentioned we wouldnt be using weights for this training session.

HOLY MOLY!!!! I forgot how hard it is to do body weight workouts! Today they seemed like they were harder than with the weights!

Check out the video and see what we all had to go through today! He did turn our rounds down to 5 minutes… But turned the Intensity up by sooo much!
My legs are feeling tired just from typing! hahah

All jokes aside… The workouts are Awesome! Getting better & better Everyday! Always looking forward to the Strength & Conditioning Classes.

This is Coach D’Angelo’s version of “light, easy, no stress” workout. Enjoy…

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