5 Competitors 5 Golds! Ohio Grappling Challenge. GO TEAM LLOYD IRVIN!

DJ Jackson & Frank The Crank Camacho

DJ Jackson & Frank The Crank Camacho

Just got back from Ohio! Team Lloyd Irvin went 5 for 5 this weekend at the Ohio Grappling Challenge. Got some good matches in preparation for the Mundials this June!

JT Torres had a super fight against UFC Fighter Dustin Hazelett… Arm barred him less in than a minute.
Jimmy Harbison took home the gold and cash prize in the Brown Belt 8 man tournament.
Blue belts DJ Jackson, Jeremy West, and I took home the gold in our division.

I had four fights to the Gold.
1st: 17-0
2nd: Kimura
3rd: Kimura
4th: 3-0

Biba Saipan & Marianas!

NY Open next weekend! Whooo Hooo…

Heres JT’s SuperFight! Enjoy…

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  1. Another great step up the ladder. Your islands are proud of you. Keep up the good, hard work.