Team Lloyd Irvin 4:30PM Sparring! PUNCH HIS FACE! LOL

Frank the Crank Camacho UWC

Frank the Crank Camacho UWC

Hafa Adai Ladies and Gents!

Today at 4:30 when everyone was getting ready to leave work or do what they need to do, the Team was in the combat room cage all warmed up ready to Rock n Roll!

Today we did the “60” sec drill! You’re probably wondering… 60 sec drill?

60 Sec Drill

There are 3 people.
1 person is in the middle and one partner is going to go in there… balls to the wall… no mercy… Beat the LIVING S*&T out of the guy in the middle.
of course the guy in the mix won’t just stand there and take the beating. He will have to fight and weather the storm. when the 1min is up one guy gets switched out and the next person comes in immediately doing the same exact thing. BEAT THE LIVING S*&T out of him. And it keeps going till the time ends.

Crazy huh?!?!

Super good stuffs! Always cool to watch these training sessions… Even Better to be in them!

think about this… 60 seconds left of the fight! you may be winning or losing Youre not too sure! and its 10 years of Hard Work put into this last 60 seconds to win! What do you do?!?

and you can apply it to anything in life.

Enjoy the video! EPIC!

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  1. Awesome vid brother!