11:30 Training Session. Gi vs NoGI! or kinda…

Frank The Crank & Mike Fowler

Frank The Crank & Mike Fowler

Hafa Adai!

Hope everyone is having a rocking shmocking awesome Day!

Todays 11:30 practice was cool. Got to get some good drilling in with teammate DJ Jackson. We worked on takedowns and guard pulling into a sweep, pass, and submission. Good Stuffs! Cannot wait for the New York Open first week of May! WHOOO HOOOO!


on the mats today… there were the MMA guys drilling some sick ground and pound stuffs! and the bjj guys drilling some sick BJJ stuffs! lol… after all of that we had a good rolling session. if you see the footage I was getting my butt whooped by JC Cuffee! hahah
It was a SUPER tight head and arm choke! whewww!

Dont tease me and…. uhhhh… Enjoy! 😉

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