2010 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships 1st Match by SixtySixDegrees!

Frank The Crank Camacho Pan Ams 2010

Frank The Crank Camacho Pan Ams 2010

Hafa Adai guys!

After a 12 hour stay LAX airport in Cali & a 5 hour flight, I am back in Camp Springs Maryland!

Pan Ams was my 2nd big tournament and definitely learned a whole lot that needs to be worked on. I won my first 3 matches and lost my quarterfinals match 4-0. I am disappointed in my performance, but like Rome said.. They are results I needed for bigger things to come. Thanks bro.

Back to drawing board… fix a couple of stuff, train like a mad man, drill, and rip up this years upcoming tournaments.

Got to meet up with Johnny H in Cali! SIXTYSIXDEGREES!!

Here is my 1st match against tough opponent Shiloh Roberts from team Ribeiro BJJ.

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