Frank ‘The Crank’ KOs Japanese foe Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

Article By: By Roselyn Monroyo Saipan Tribune

Frank ‘The Crank’ KOs Japanese foe Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

Frank The Crank Camacho vs Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

Frank The Crank Camacho vs Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

Frank “The Crank” Camacho is definitely back in Pacific Xtreme Combat.

Camacho, who missed PXC action for about six years, returned for PXC 38 and knocked out Japan’s Koshi Matsumoto at the 1:24 mark of the third round of their lightweight bout last Friday at the University of Guam Fieldhouse.

Camacho attacked Matsumoto right from the opening bell and threw a flurry of straight punches and combinations to his foe’s body and head before going for the kill in the third.

“In the first part of the first and second round I was the aggressor, but Koshi was definitely working his takedowns on me. He wanted to get me on the ground so he could use his jiu-jitsu and work his finishes on me. Once I stuffed his first few takedowns I stayed alert and composed and worked my combinations. When he stayed on his knees after the second round ended, I knew I had it in the bag. I just had to pick up the pace and go for the finish,” said Camacho, who improved his MMA record to 14-2 and got his ninth knockout win.

With Matsumoto starting to pay dearly for taking too many hits from Camacho, the latter threw more punches and combinations on the former’s head, forcing referee and MMA legend Big John McCarthy to pull the plug on the Japanese fighter.

“I threw a combination and rocked him. He fell to the ground and crawled up my leg to recover and try to take me down. After that we scrambled and ended up back on our feet. I immediately started to pressure him and stalked him down where I threw a 1-2 combination (jab cross) that knocked him out cold. I was going in to finish him off just in case, but Big John McCarthy stepped in to stop the fight,” the 24-year-old Camacho said.

Though he was not expecting a KO win early, Camacho said the fight went according to his camp’s game plan.

Frank Camacho KOs Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

Frank Camacho KOs Koshi Matsumoto PXC 38

“I studied Koshi for as long as I can remember in this fight camp. He fell straight into my game plan and I capitalized on the mistakes he made. I knew if I came out hard with forward pressure he would be forced to go for his takedowns than to strike with me and establish his control. He was going for single leg takedowns and I had to defend and stuff them the whole time. As the rounds went on I was throwing huge shots to his ribs and body to disrupt his breathing and not make him recover so I could have a better chance of going for the finish in the later rounds. By Round 3 he was tired and I turned on the after burners and went for the finish,” Camacho said.

“This has to be one of the best game plans implementation in my career. Koshi Matsumoto is definitely no slouch in the MMA world. He is ranked No. 1 Shooto Japanese fighter by FIGHTER Magazine. I really studied him and with the help of my coaches and training partners, Pat Ayuyu, Steve Roberto, Nick Shoemake, Kyle Augon, Shane Alvarez, Roman Dela Cruz, and everyone else, they made the fight easier,” he added.

Despite posting an impressive win in his PXC comeback, Camacho does not want to be complacent and will continue to train for two more fights this year.

“I’m back to training, back to working the things I need to work on. I’m excited what’s next for me, but I’m looking for another two fights by the end of this year,” said Camacho, who will be back on Saipan this weekend for Rites of Passage 15.

“Thank you so much CNMI for all the love and support. For everyone that came out to PXC 38 in Guam, you guys are awesome. And all family friends and fans, you are the best. I will be on Saipan this Friday for Rites Of Passage. Everyone should come down and support the sport that has helped me get to where I am at now. They are all action packed and I can’t wait to ref the fights and get to watch a few as well,” Camacho said.

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