Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Training Tips For Beginners




MMA Training For Beginners

Some MMA Training Tips to add to your game

New to MMA? Here are the 5 keys to getting the most out of your MMA training. If your gym is not adhering to these rules, talk to the coach or find a better gym.

1. Find a Proper Training Environment

Watch a class and take a couple of free classes to see if the coaching staff understands how to train hobbyists. Talk to a few of the older guys in each class to find out if the gym can cater to your needs. Most gyms have an intro program that is set up to ease you into training. Make sure the gym encourages the use of proper training gear, including mouthpieces, cups and headgear.

2. Focus on Longevity

MMA training needs to become part of your lifestyle. You train in the gym one to two hours a day, but the remaining 22 to 23 hours are just as important. I encourage my hobbyists to pay more attention to warming up, recovering, sleeping, eating and conditioning. The end result of this holistic approach is a body that functions like an athlete and looks like a fighter.

3. Find Others With  Similar Goals

Find the other hobbyists in class and train with them. Stay away from the younger guys and the pros getting ready for fights. When you and your training partners are working toward the same goals (primarily fun), training will be much more rewarding. Sharing your  sweat and pain with someone else goes a long way towards making lifelong friends.

4. More Drills / Less Sparring

The majority of practice time should be spent on drills with very specific goals and rules. The difference between fighters and hobbyists is progressive resistance. Experienced athletes may start a drill in a co-operative fashion and quickly work up to full resistance. Hobbyists may never get much beyond co-operative training. Contact is controlled and partners should focus on working with each other, not against each other.

5. Listen to Your Body

Before you begin practicing, make sure your doctor understands the strenuous nature of MMA training and clears you. Let your coaches know about any previous or current injuries. Most importantly, understand your limitations. There is no reason to go toe-to-toe with a gung-ho 21-year-old. If you are uncomfortable with a drill, situation, or training partner, let the coach know.

5 keys to getting the most out of your MMA training

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