The SAND PIT! Daily Sunset Beach Training at Gun Beach Guam! Body.Mind.SPIRIT

The SAND PIT! Daily Sunset Beach Training! Body.Mind.SPIRIT #culture #gunbeach #sunset #crankeffectdotcom photo by: @thefokaieffect
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The Good ol Sand Pit! (at Gun Beach Guam)

Training in the sand in a whole new experience. TALK ABOUT KILLING THE LEGS!

Sparring and pad work really changes up everything with movement, base, and CORE!

When im on the mat, Im just jumping and hopping around everywhere not getting tired.

With Coach Pat Ayuyu (Deep & K-1 veteran) for the past 4 weeks Ive been running a lot, doing a load of sprints, and the “Sand Pit” workout. Its been amazing!

Mentally Ive been catching myself trying to make excuses for my performance. I shut down the negativity and learn to love the hard “sand pit” workouts.

I feel good! feel strong! Been adding a SH*T load of road work into training.

Im excited!

Stay posted for more updates!



– Crank OUT! SHOOTS!

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