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Humble Beginnings…

for as long as I can remember… Fighting is in our blood! (sounds like a movie line doesn’t it? lol) From ancient times… Fighting to defend our island and the Chamorro people! We come from such a small place, thats why we want to prove big things. Have you looked at the globe lately? You can barely see Saipan, Guam, and the rest of the Marianas.

from the warehouse single mat to one of the most popularEST sports in the CNMI!

MMA… Gotta love it

TRENCH TECH was established in October of 2004. It is an MMA academy formed to provide an outlet/safe haven for interested MMA practitioners to train and practice their fighting skills IN AN ORGANIZED AND PROFESSIONAL SETTING.

In May of 2004, when FURY FIGHTING ISLANDS brought the first ever octagon MMA event to the Marianas in Tinian, several Saipan warriors stepped into the cage for the first time to compete. All of them fought valiantly but all lost to their more experienced counterparts/opponents from Guam. It wasnt that they lacked the heart and determination to compete, it was that they lacked the MMA skills and techniques to fight competitively.That’s when TRENCH TECH was born. Since 2004 we had a professional MMA instructor from Japan (PUREBRED OMIYA’S- Tetsuji Kato) live and train us at the gym.We chose the word “TRENCH” because it’s synonimous with the Marianas and “TECH” for “technical teachings” aka “DEEP TECHNIQUE” which I vowed to help understand and eventually teach our local combatants.Trench TECH has grown tremendously over the last 6 years and has been providing MMA training for a lot of the fighters you see today. We have held 11 TRENCH WARZ events, 8 RITES OF PASSAGE (Amateur) events and 4 Grappling/Jiu Jitsu tournaments to date since 2005. It is our mission and our desire and goal to continue bringing top level MMA events to our islands and produce Champions from the Islas Marianas! LONG LIVE THE ISLAND WARRIORS! LONG LIVE MMA!

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