Placed 2nd at the 2013 European Jiujitsu Championships

Placed 2nd at the 2013 European Jiujitsu Championships. Working for that gold, but fell short this time around! It was a great experience. Results I need for Pan Ams coming up in March! Downshift and picking it up as soon as I get back to the US! Thank you to Master Lloyd, family, friends, 12P, CNMI, and my Team! The support i get from you all has helped me so much! Sen dunkalu na si yuus maase!
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2013 European Jiu-Jitsu Championships Results in Lisbon, Portugal.


Yo yo yo!

I fell short of my 2013 European Jiu-jitsu Championships goals! I was aiming for the gold with all submissions.

I finished the 2013 European Jiu-Jitsu Championships in 2nd place (middle weight division 181lbs w/ the kimono), with a tough finals match against Alliance’s Rehan Muttalib.

I was feeling awesome coming into this tournament. Mentally strong! Ready to start the year with a bang! Unfortunately was not the better man here in Portugal.

Leading up to the finals I was on a tear… submitting all of my opponents.

The experience I’ve gained this tournament is like no other. The results this tournament, I will use for the trek to that BJJ World Championship title this upcoming June. Im staying positive, and getting more and more excited for training to start… I have lots to work on!

Every competition makes me appreciate the art of Jiu-jitsu, and never fails to amaze me how millimeters and milliseconds make such a huge difference between being the winner and the loser. Being the champion or not. Being remembered or forgotten. Between life or death.

I love jiu-jitsu, I love my Team, I love my family, I love the CNMI!

A huge thank you to all that support me and believe in what Im doing. Sounds cliche, but it truly makes a huge difference!

Thank you to my coach and mentor Master Lloyd Irvin, 12Ps, my family, friends, Team Lloyd Irvin (AYYYYYYY!), and the CNMI / Guam for all the love and support!



When will We see “The Crank” again?

Pan American Championships Baby!!! Im coming! AYYYYYYYYYY



By: Walter Sutherland


Saipan’s Frank “The Crank” Camacho clinched a silver medal in the 2013 European Open Jiu Jitsu Championships held late last month in Lisbon, Portugal.

Camacho was among the 50 entries in the purple-belt middleweight Gi (181lbs) division and placed second in the tournament than ran from Jan. 24 to 27. The Gi category allows mixed martial artists to use the traditional kimono during bouts and it helps the fighter better perform submission maneuvers if used properly.

Camacho came into the finals on a tear of four wins, which included four submissions victories he executed in under three minutes. However he succumbed to Alliance’s Rehan Muttalib, losing on points in the last five seconds of the championship match.

“I came into the finals feeling great after locking in three Kimura submissions, and a clock-choke submission, but faced a very tough opponent in Muttalib for the gold prize,” Camacho said in an email to Saipan Tribune.

It was one of the best closing fights of the day, as Camacho started landing a double-leg takedown and scored a big aerial slam, but Muttalib countered with a super tight triangle choke hold that almost put the former to sleep.

“I ended up getting out of it, but still lost the match by an advantage in the last five seconds. I fell short of my goal, which was gold, and unfortunately I was not the better man in Portugal. Still, the experience I gained is like no other,” he said.

“I will use this result as motivation leading up to the BJJ World Championships this June in California. I’m staying was a well needed match for me this year, meaning I can patch the current holes in my game and come back stronger. I want to thank my team, Master Lloyd, my family and friends, 12-P’s and the CNMI. I’m hungry and fired up. 2013 is going to be a great year,” Camacho added.

Camacho is also eyeing an appearance in the Pan-American JJ Championships in Irvine, California and the Brazilian JJ Nationals in May in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The 2013 European Open JJ Championships is a major annual affiliate of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF).


Till next time…. Shoots!

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